Meet Dr. Elizabeth McDowell

From Optometry to Hiking to Sports, Dr. McDowell is a great member of our team.

Did you know there are 63 National Parks in the United States? Dr. McDowell does – and she has a goal to visit every single one of them. So far she’s managed to check 2 off on that list, so she has a ways to go but it’s still a pretty amazing goal! Being active and healthy is something she just loves doing, so naturally helping people keep their vision clear is a job she was quickly drawn to.

Dr. McDowell is a recent (2019) graduate of Optometry School. She joined Pioneer Vision in early 2021 and is excited to set up her doctor roots here and serve the great community of Round Rock. An avid fan of the outdoors and being active, she loves playing sports and hiking. Being out in nature is one of her favorite things to do with her boyfriend, especially when their dogs tag along; a Great Dane named Tina, a Terrier Mix named Prancer, and a Beagle named Darwin.

Not only is her health good, but her heart is too. When we invited her to join our team we asked what charities or special projects she was passionate about.

“While in optometry school, I worked with (S)VOSH and the Lions Club to provide eye care to those in need. With those groups, I traveled to Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico for service trips. I’ve also volunteered with RAM (Remote Area Medical) to provide eye exams. I enjoy volunteering with organizations that provide¬†access to resources that people are lacking.”

She’s gonna fit right in here in Round Rock.